Sparkling Paris At Last!

Afternoon of Day #2 in Paris

A more centrally located Airbnb awaited me in Paris. It was actually a room in a lovely hotel in an old building within thirty minutes walking distance of the Louve Museum. My room on the second floor had a tall window which completely opened onto a black wrought iron railing and lovely red geraniums. I thought about how I never see window screens in Germany or France as they don’t have flying insects like eastern NC. I left my luggage in my room and went back to the lobby and asked the concierge if he knew of a good place to eat and he suggested a nearby restaurant, Chartier, which he said was one of the oldest and most famous in Paris, had delicious food and was inexpensive! Boy, I sure did hit the jackpot! It was a short walk to Chartier’s and I was seated with three other friendly Parisians who luckily spoke English. I ordered the special of the day which was half of an amazingly sweet cantaloupe, tender delicious veal stew, and rice pudding with a cold Pils draft beer and water. The friendly Parisians seated with me gave me helpful advice of where and what I should do while in Paris. After consuming the delicious meal, I headed back to the hotel and took a short nap.

When I woke up I walked for thirty minutes to The France Tourism office near the Louve and signed up for a Seine River cruise for that night. While waiting for the cruise I went to a nearby restaurant and ate delicious French onion soup served with huge chunks of crusty bread and a golden cold French beer to wash it all down. Afterwards, I walked to Notre-Dame Cathedral and saw the recently burnt out area. It was very sad. Many tourist were there taking pictures. It was now dusk and the walk along the Seine River to my cruise boat was magnificent. Many people were out strolling, lovers embracing and laughing, and groups gathered along the banks enjoying picnics.

I found a seat on the top of the cruise boat and was served cheese, meat and white wine. Oops, I accidentally spilled the wine on myself, but managed to eat the tasty cheese and shaved ham without any more mishaps. Unfortunately, the wine had a strong smell which constantly reminded me of my clumsiness all night. As we passed the Eifel tower at 10:00pm, the guide told us we should come back at 11:00 to see it when it is lit. Suddenly, to everyone’s surprise, it started to sparkle! It was breathtaking!

We arrived back at the dock at 11:00pm. I walked back to the hotel feeling unusually safe. While passing a bar near my hotel a friendly group of party goers greeted me and wanted me to be in their group picture. Funny, I guess it was a novelty to them to have an old grandma in their youthful picture! When reaching the hotel, I collapsed in the bathtub and then went to bed thinking of the next day and my booked excursion to Monet’s house in Giverny.

4 thoughts on “Sparkling Paris At Last!

    1. Thank you! Let me know when you have your blog set up and I’ll be sure to follow you!


  1. Mary Ann….YOU never cease to amaze me….. your travels fascinate me and let me go where I would love to see but, am not as brave as you:-) and really not physically able to do all that any more….I just got home from work and that bowl of French onion soup and crusty bread is making my mouth water!!! I am so glad that you love to travel and you love to ‘share’…..I just love ‘THE ADVENTURES OF GO GO GRANDMA’……

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    1. The soup and bread was really good! Glad you are following along with me!


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